The VOL-V Group
invests 12 million in
Absolut Group's capital

The VOL-V Group invests 12 million in Absolut Group’s capital

The VOL-V Group
invests 12 million € in Absolut Group's capital



[November 28, 2022] – The VOL-V Group, a major player in the energy and ecological transition sector, invests 12 million euros in the capital of Groupe Absolut, a specialist in cryogenic technologies.

This capital increase is intended to support the Groupe Absolut in accelerating its development: the 12 million € will enable it to confirm its industrial turnaround and that of its 4 subsidiaries, Absolut System, Absolut Sensing, Absolut Hydrogen and Absolut Quanta, each in highly strategic business sectors for French industry and the energy transition.

Cédric de Saint-Jouan, President and co-founder of the VOL-V Group, comments: “The Groupe Absolut has succeeded in developing technology building blocks that offer considerable progress for the environment. Determined to capitalize on this first-rate industrial potential, we have decided to strengthen our financial and strategic support to accompany the Absolut Group’s change of scale”.

With its international scope and involvement in a number of strategic projects (ASCEND, H2 Hub Airport, Copernicus, etc.), the Groupe Absolut plays an active role in developing French sovereignty in the fields of space, environmental control and new energies (nuclear fusion, hydrogen). Its customers include leading companies such as Airbus, Thalès and Safran, as well as international agencies such as CNES, ONERA, DGA, ESA and NASA.

Julien Tanchon, Executive President of the Groupe Absolut, comments: “The Absolut Group is changing dimension. After more than ten years spent innovating and developing unique know-how, we are now deploying all our expertise in the transformation of energy production, transport and use. This will enable us to offer manufacturers real solutions for decarbonizing, making reliable and controlling energy infrastructures”.

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Cédric de Saint-Jouan
Cédric de Saint-Jouan
Julien Tanchon
Groupe Absolut
Julien Tanchon

About the Absolut Group

The Absolut Group is headed by Julien Tanchon (Chairman). The Absolut Group has an international reputation for marketing innovative cryogenic solutions (between -180°C and -271°C) for research and industry. Its ambition is to place cryogenic innovation at the service of accelerating the energy transition.

The Absolut Group includes the Absolut System subsidiary, founded in 2010 by 3 cryogenic engineers, Thierry Trollier (Chairman), Julien Tanchon and Jérôme Lacapère (Managing Directors). It has been developing ultra-complex, customised cryogenic equipment for over 12 years, sold worldwide.

Since 2021, the Absolut Group has also included three other subsidiaries, chaired by Julien Tanchon, specialising in markets with high growth potential: hydrogen, NewSpace and quantum. Absolut Hydrogen makes liquid hydrogen available to decarbonise industry and mobility, and Absolut Sensing operates satellites to detect greenhouse gas emissions (methane). Recently, Absolut Quanta (energy-efficient supercomputers) joined the Absolut Group with the aim of decarbonising the data processing industry while improving its performance.


With its international reach and its involvement in a number of strategic projects (ASCEND, H2 Hub Airport, Copernicus, etc.), the Absolut Group is playing an active role in developing the European economy.

About the VOL-V Group

In the 1990s, the founders of VOL-V, an independent producer of renewable energies, launched into wind power and then solar power, before pioneering biomethane in the 2010s. With the sale of these activities to the Engie group and CNR in 2019, they have naturally decided to put their 25 years of experience at the service of renewable energies to make VOL-V an accelerator and facilitator of the energy and ecological transition. VOL-V also aims to support cutting-edge technology companies, such as the Absolut Group, whose applications can have a decisive impact on the environment.

A 150 million € investment programme has been launched, a third of which has already been allocated to a dozen investments in unlisted French companies in the fields of hydrogen, sustainable agriculture, sobriety and low-carbon building. VOL-V focuses its efforts on French companies and positions itself as a reference shareholder, possibly with a majority stake, making available its resources and entrepreneurial experience.

The VOL-V Group’s role as an investor and coach enables it to help companies with cutting-edge expertise and strong industrial potential to scale up and develop tomorrow’s research in a fast-changing sector.