Normandy Hadrontherapy
calls on Absolut System's
cryogenic expertise

Normandy Hadrontherapy calls on Absolut System’s cryogenic expertise

Normandy Hadrontherapy
calls on Absolut System's cryogenic expertise

Normandy Hadrontherapy calls on Absolut System's cryogenic expertise


[Caen and Seyssinet-Pariset, January 2024] – Normandy Hadrontherapy, a company specializing in the development of medical equipment for the treatment of cancer by hadrontherapy, has chosen Absolut System to supply the cooling system for the superconducting coils of its “C 400 Ions” system.

Absolut System, French experts in innovative cryogenic systems, will contribute its know-how to the design, manufacture and installation of the helium management system (C400 – Magnet Pre Cooler) designed to pre-cool the superconducting magnet and all cyclotron instrumentation.

The “C400 IONS” is the world’s first multi-ion (carbon, helium and proton) hadrontherapy system based on the compact superconducting cyclotron technology developed by Normandy Hadrontherapy, in collaboration with IBA. Hadrontherapy enables more precise and effective treatment of currently inoperable cancers, while sparing the patient’s healthy tissues as much as possible. It will soon be installed in Caen.

Thierry Trollier, President of Absolut System, commented: “We are proud to be able to put our expertise in helium management to good use in an innovative project that makes sense. We would like to thank Normandy Hadrontherapy for their confidence, and are convinced that this ambitious project will be a success.”

According to Christophe Le Foll and Marc de Leenheer, Presidents of Normandy Hadrontherapy, “Our medical equipment has the potential to improve quality of life and enhance survival prospects for patients. We want to make this technological solution more accessible worldwide. Absolut System’s expertise and know-how are an important contribution to the success of our project.”

About Normandy Hadrontherapy – NHa

NHa, Normandy Hadrontherapy is a subsidiary of IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), world leader in proton therapy solutions for cancer treatment, and of the Société d’Economie Mixte de la Région Normandie, SAPHYN. Specializing in the design of medical equipment for cancer research and treatment, Normandy Hadrontherapy is dedicated to the development, industrialization and marketing of hadrontherapy equipment, the first of which will be installed in Caen.

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About Absolut System

Absolut System is a French industrial engineering SME founded in 2010 and based in Grenoble. A subsidiary of the Absolut Group, Absolut System is a major player in the development and supply of innovative cryogenic systems.

Absolut System develops and markets customized cryogenic equipment for a wide range of applications: superconductivity, detection systems, on-board applications (aircraft, marine, space), cryogenic space launchers, space propulsion, etc.

To find out more, visit, follow @AbsolutSystem on X and LinkedIn.