Cryogenic capabilities become today more and more critical for many different research applications. The use of superconductors to enable high magnetic fields is the path towards the development of new science instruments to get a better understanding of fundamental physics, the science of universe or clean energy production. Tokamaks, particles colliders, RMN, high density LASER, high resolution spectroscopy, quantum devices characterization, are examples of instruments requiring our technologies.

All those worlds required cryogenic temperatures to operate and achieve their objectives.

However, all those applications have different needs in temperature and cooling power and have different specificities such as temperature stability, mechanical vibrations, optical access, etc..

Absolut System developed along the years its skills and experience to achieve a complete portfolio of different technologies and know-how to cover all the specific configuration required by each customer. Tailored made solutions are thus defined and proposed in order to offer our customers the most relevant solution for each application and specific requirements.

Today, Absolut System offers cryogenic solutions for many different customers worldwide using:

To support the development of top quality systems, Absolut System also developed very specific skills like cryopumping system modelling or hydrodynamic gas bearing design. Pressure distribution analysis and cryopumping system modelling are useful for large vacuum test chamber testing new electrical space thruster. Hydrodynamic gas bearings are contactless gas bearing and are implemented in cryogenic circulation fans and reverse turbo-brayton.

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