Absolut System provides dry cryostats tailored to your needs.

Absolut System proposes turnkey 4 K range cryogen free cryostat solutions to the customers. The perimeter comprises:
  • Design and manufacturing of complete equipments against specific set of requirements
  • Assembly and tests
  • Integration and on-site commissioning
  • Servicing

Cryogen free cryostats make use of two stage 4K pulse tube cryocoolers from CRYOMECH Inc.

Products are used in a large variety of applications: magneto-optical properties, RAMAN-e spectroscopy, THz or mm wave imaging, cryo-electronics components characterization, ultra-high stability oscillator characterization, superconducting devices characterization, etc.

Particular attention is paid to reduce the vibrations exported by the cryorefrigerator. To do so, the cold head room temperature flange is mechanically disconnected from the cryostat with an adjustable vacuum tight bellows and the two stages of the pulse tube cryocooler are thermally connected to the load with the aim of flexible thermal links assemblies from our production.

Moreover, to ensure ultra-quiet thermal and mechanical environment for very sensitive experiments, such as SQUID based applications, some cryostats with on-board Helium liquefaction have been produced. They can operate in recondensing mode if needed as well.