Absolut System provides Cryogenic Circulation Fan for remote cooling.

In order to support the optimisation of its custom-made cryogenic circulation loops, Absolut System develop, optimize and industrialize high reliability and high-performance Cryogenic Circulation Fans (CCF).

A standard configuration made of Stainless Steel (our brochure) is proposed covering a wild range of applications: HTS cable cooling, remote cooling loops, low temperature vibration free cryostats

In addition to the laboratory applications, this product also extends the AFCryo product range for the integration of high cooling capacity cryocoolers in industrial applications (

This product development has been driven by cost effective solution and reduced delivery time to offer customers the highest flexibility.

Next to standard product configuration, the cryogenic fan can be fully optimized to customer specific requirements for your remote cooling system: operating pressure and temperature range, flow rate/pressure rise…

A titanium alloy version is available to limit parasitic heat fluxes at low cryogenic temperature (<30K).

A gas-bearing version of our CCF is under-development for critical cases.

As an option and mainly for high temperature (> 70 K), a very high-speed motor can be proposed for very large mass flow rate or large pressure drops in your cooling system.

Thanks to our knowledge of contactless bearing systems (hydrodynamic gas bearings), we are also developing some cryogenic circulation fan using gas bearings. We will be able to propose these new devices in coming weeks to allow use of such a device in applications demanding cooling loops with extra pure Helium (or other gases).