Absolut System has a long term expertise and recognized competencies in Pulse-Tube development in Europe.

Several developments are on-going and cover a large range of application temperatures. For specific requests, please contact us.

One of our products developed in collaboration with Thales Cryogenics BV and has now reached TRL 6:

The LPT6510 is a cost effective compact integral pulse-tube cryocooler targeting a wide range of applications from 60 to 150K with one design only. The product was previously shown as an engineering demonstrator model based on the Thales MPTC compressor and the Absolut System SSC80 pulse-tube.

The potential need for a compact cryocooler for 60-150 K earth observation applications has long been recognized, and has resulted in several European developments towards such a product.

LPT 6510 Datasheet

ParameterTypical Cooler Data
ManufacturerThales Cryogenics B.V. in partnership with Absolut System
Code number9556 417 00263
Maximum cooling power3.2 W @ 100 K @ 293 K
Maximum input power65 W
ParameterTypical Cooler Data
Operating frequency51.5 Hz
Induced vibrationsMax: < 2 N RMS without vibration control
Typical: <1 N RMS in-axis without vibration control
Typical: <0.1 N RMS per harmonic off-axis
ParameterTypical Cooler Data
Space envelope250x187x77 mm (Integral version, including heat sink)
Mass<3.2 kg
Helium leak rate<1 x 10-9 Pa.m3/s
ParameterTypical Cooler Data
Design life10 years
ParameterTypical Cooler Data
Radiated emissionsMIL-STD-461G, RE101-1 Army application limit line
ParameterTypical Cooler Data
Quasi-static load25 g
Random Vibrations
Envelope spectrum encompassing GEVS qualification level and typical ESA level – 15.5 G RMS
Sine Vibration2-25 Hz: 10 mm
25-100 Hz: 25 g
Qualification test sweep at 2 octaves/minute
ShockHalf-sine shock of 1000g, 0.5 ms
Operating temperature-30 ̊C to + 50 ̊C
Non-Operating temperature-40 ̊C to + 71 ̊C


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