ABSOLUT SYSTEM provides its customers with tailor-made solutions for thermal, mechanical or electro-mechanical systems with optimal performances and designed for specific environments (vacuum, high-vacuum, cryogenic, optical, space…).

Our objective is to provide cryogenic engineering, development, design and commercialization of custom design equipment, not available off-the-shelf. ABSOLUT SYSTEM has a long-term expertise in cryogenics. Thermal Link Assemblies (TLA) are one of the best examples of the core business of the company. We develop, manufacture and qualify our products to be integrated on-board Infra-Red detectors cryostat for space observation.

The TLA have the main following functions:
  • Ensure a high conductive coupling between both cryocoolers cold tips (nominal and redundant) and detectors or Cold Optical Bench,
  • Have a reduced stiffness allowing misalignment and relative dynamical displacement between cold tips and detectors,
  • Filter micro-vibrations coming from cryocooler cold tips toward detectors,
And should also be compliant with stringent constraints which are common for space products:
  • Have a reduced mass
  • Stay inside the static and dynamic IRD reduced volume
  • Be compliant with the cleanliness requirements imposed by the detector proximity,
  • Survive without performance degradation to launch loads and thermal cycling.

Our Flight Models will be on-board:

  • Meteosat Third Generation MTG satellite
  • IASI-NG instrument on MEtOp SG satellite
  • METImage instrument for EUMETSAT Polar System satellite
  • EUCLID/PLM (Payload Module) - a space mission to map the dark universe

Materials, depending on application temperature:

  • Pure Aluminium
  • Pure Cooper
  • Pyrolytic oriented graphite