Absolut System is a technology enabling company offering its high skills to provide customs-made space cryogenic and thermal equipment. Absolut System designs, optimizes, tests and qualifies innovative solutions from components as cryocoolers, heat exchangers or thermal links, up to integrated system as vacuum test chamber or infrared camera.

Absolut System benefits through its width field of activity (industry, laboratories, research programs, aeronautics and space) of a large crossed linked between different sectors and technologies and is thus able to offer its customer the best technological choice with the highest quality and the flexibility offered by an SME.

Behind all the advantages offered by SME in term of flexibility, adaptability, reduced iteration time… Absolut System runs its projects following a robust industrial program management and product Assurance management (audited by Primes) to maintain the same quality and traceability level all along the project from design up to flight.

Among all the on-going projects, Absolut System develops the Reverse Turbo-Brayton through ESA and internal funding. Reverse Turbo-Brayton is a good example of our vision of the future with a high reliability, vibration-free cryocooler as game changer for future Earth observation programs.

Many other technologies are under development to prepare future European space programs on one hand and to support New Space developments on the other hand.