Absolut System provides Liquid Nitrogen cryostats, continuous flow or static bath, tailored to your needs

Absolut System proposes Automatic Sample Dewar for Macromolecular diffraction experiments on X-Ray beam-line.

The automatic sample Dewar offers a capacity of 240 samples in 24 pucks with automatic loading/unloading ports.

It is very common for cryostats of large biological macromolecules to show considerable variations in quality of their diffraction. The large number of samples tested increases diffraction quality before any full data collection.

The storage Dewar is capable of operating with robots and can be integrated in a fully automatic Macromolecular X-Ray beam-line in synchrotron facilities. Any subset of 3 pucks (30 samples) are positioned in front of two loading/unloading ports with an automatic rotating plate. A view port is available to allow for visualization and data matrix camera reading on each sample loaded in the Dewar.

Absolut System’s automatic Dewar are made of G11 fiberglass shells and polyurethane insulation foam resulting in liquid Nitrogen onsumption below 1.2 L/h. Such Dewars allow for a reduced size and price. The static insulation also removes the need for vacuum equipment and maintenance.


  • external diameter 700mm
  • Table to top flange dimension: 350mm
  • Top flange to highest equipment above the flange: 425mm
  • Top of the pucks to top of the flange: 125mm
  • Access ports / view port diameters: 210/170mm


  • thanks to passive insultation
  • Concept based on robust industrial actuators


  • Cycle time optimized for high sampling rate (< 30s)
  • Optimal design to limit the mass and the liquid nitrogen consumption (< 1.2 l/h during full operation
  • No ice formation on the Dewar or on the ports

Liquid level inside the Dewar is continuously measured and can be controlled optionally. The liquid Nitrogen is distributed thanks to a 2 meters long cryogenic flexible line, an in-line phase separator and a cryogenic solenoid valve.

Besides specific Dewars Absolut Systems design and manufactures optical cryostats with make use of pressurized LN2 for temperature control of a sample holder.

The next image shows an example of a 80-470K optical cryostat designed and manufactured by Absolut System for rugosity and 3D distortion of heterogeneous semicon sample assemblies on a wafer.

Pressurized (600 mbar) LN2 flows from a self-pressurized LN2 tank through a vacuum insulated transfer line to the gold coated temperature-controlled sample holder and cross a heat exchanger for warming up at the exhaust of the cryostat.