For the management of Helium Absolut System proposes laboratory scale Helium recovery systems consisting in Liquid Helium Plants and Helium reliquefiers.

Absolut System distributes exclusively Helium recovery systems from Cryomech Inc. (Helium management brochure) in France (and French overseas territories), Switzerland,Belgium, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia.

Helium recovery systems are laboratory scale, designed for your space and needs. They are specifically adapted to NMR cryomagnets, MRI systems, MEG, Magnetic or Physical Property Measurement Systems, etc.

Complete Helium recovery system includes atmospheric recovery bag, Helium recovery compressor, compressed Helium gas storage, Helium purifier and Liquid Helium Plant.

Liquid Helium Plants (LHeP) are using high reliability Pulse Tube cryocooler technology and are ranging from 15 L/day (with one PT410 cold head) up to 80 L/day (with 3 PT420 cold heads) liquefaction rates.

Unlike the liquid Nitrogen-cooled purifiers that require weekly liquid nitrogen refills and monthly trap regeneration, the Automatic Purifier runs and regenerates automatically without any user intervention. The system also includes a purity sensor to trigger the regeneration cycle before contaminants can pass through. Trap cooling is provided by a Cryomech single stage PT60 pulse tube cryocooler and all equipment necessary for operation and self-regeneration is built into the purifier.

Helium Liquefiers (HeRL) convert your open cycle device into a closed-cycle Helium recycling system with Zero Boil Off. HeRL are designed to recondense the boil-off from liquid helium Dewar/Cryostats ranging from 10 L/day (one PT410 cold head) up to 60 L/day (3 PT420 cold heads). Powered by a Cryomech Pulse Tube Cryocooler, designed for high reliability with long mean times between maintenance. They are shipped assembled for ease of installation by an on-site technician.