29 mars 2023

Nuclear fusion: the United States announces a historic breakthrough

In the aftermath of World War II, major industrial nations were busy developing a sun-like energy: nuclear fusion. Today, scientists around the world are still working […]
22 mars 2023

A magnetohydrodynamic system for plasma control on the surface of spacecrafts of re-entry in the atmosphere

Image : NASA, OH. When a spacecraft enters the atmosphere at very high speed on Earth or elsewhere, the entry environment produces extremely high thermal loads […]
6 décembre 2022

Appointments within Groupe Absolut

Appointement of the president and co-founder of Vol-V Groupe as chairman of the strategic committee. Appointment of Tilmann Steinhagen as managing director Opertaions and finance Cédric […]
5 décembre 2022
MTGI satellite

Imminent launch of the MTG-I1 satellite, a revolution in weather forecasting

Illustration: © Thales Alenia Space On December 13, 2022, the Ariane 5 rocket will launch three satellites into geostationary transfer orbit, including MTG-I1. MTG-I1 is the […]
1 décembre 2022

Le Groupe Absolut recrute un.e Stagiaire Finance (H/F)

Le Groupe Absolut recrute un.e Stagiaire Finance (H/F) Télécharger l’annonce A propos du Groupe Absolut Depuis 2010, le Groupe Absolut développe des technologies cryogéniques innovantes qui […]
28 novembre 2022

VOL-V Group invests 12 million euros in the capital of Groupe Absolut

The VOL-V Group, a major player in the energy and ecological transition sector, is investing 12 million euros in the capital of the Absolut Group, a […]
22 novembre 2022

What is superconductivity?

  Discovered in 1911 by the physicist Heike Kammerlingh Onnes, the phenomenon of superconductivity never ceases to intrigue. Levitation experiments, vehicles of the future… but how […]
2 novembre 2022

Helium purification and liquefaction system to achieve magnetoencephalography

In September, Absolut System installed and commissioned a helium purification and liquefaction system for a magnetoencephalography system of the neuroimaging platform of the Center for Medical […]
13 octobre 2022

Scarlet project: Superconducting cables for europe’s clean energy future

Rising amounts of renewable energy coupled with an increase in decentralised power generation call for the modernisation and significant expansion of the European grids. The EU […]
8 septembre 2022

Absolut System recrute un.e Ingénieur.e conception thermomécanique – Projet Spatial

Téléchargez l’annonce A propos d’Absolut System Dirigée par une équipe d’experts en ingénierie cryogénique, Absolut System est une PME française, implantée dans le bassin grenoblois depuis […]
30 août 2022

TRISHNA project : collect images of the Earth’s surface in the thermal infrared

In recent years, global warming has greatly intensified, causing several changes such as : A rise in sea level and ocean temperature Increased precipitation and storms […]
3 août 2022

Absolut System recherche un.e Chargé.e de financement R&D

Téléchargez l’annonce Absolut System, acteur engagé de la transition énergétique Dirigée par une équipe d’experts en ingénierie cryogénique, Absolut System est une PME française, implantée dans […]
1 août 2022

Development of a small cryogenic depot

Development of a small cryogenic depot to improve in-space sustainability. The use of depots and in-orbit refuelling will be key for long-term manned lunar and Martian […]
12 juillet 2022

Cryocooling of a laser amplifier

Absolut System has successfully developed and manufactured an helium loop for cryogenic cooling of a 140K laser amplifier. The whole laser system is developed in collaboration […]
19 mai 2022
Cryassy Edge issu du projet Mystic

MYSTIC : infrared detection system for space imagery

Absolut System demonstrates its cryogenic expertise through MYSTIC, an innovative spatial project! Over the last fifteen years, the number of space applications based on infrared imaging […]
15 juin 2021

ONERA’s Cryogenic vacuum chamber

The cryopump designed by ONERA for research on electric thrusters for satellites is developed and manufactured by ABSOLUT SYSTEM! A look back at this daring project. […]
28 mai 2021

H2 Airport Hub

Winner of the AMI to create H2 circular economy of Paris Airport Absolut System participates in devising the new hydrogen airport ecosystem in France !   […]
21 mai 2021
Challenge CNES 2021 Absolut System

Challenge CNES

Challenge CNES 2021 Absolut System won 100K€ contract with the CNES On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Absolut System participated to the CNES challenge on the theme […]
19 mai 2021

Recrutements en cours

Recrutements : Absolut System recherche des nouveaux talents en ingénierie. Télécharger l’annonce Rejoignez l’aventure sur différents projets dans le spatial, l’aéronautique, les nouvelles énergies et la […]
30 mars 2021
Airbus iinovation ASCEND

Airbus innovation

ASCEND Demonstrator Absolut System is proud to collaborate with Airbus on ASCEND demonstrator. Going one step further in cryogenic engineering, our teams work on superconductivity and […]
24 novembre 2020
LSTM Mission with Airbus

Copernicus (ESA)

LSTM Mission with Airbus Absolut System is proud to announce its selection by Airbus Defence and Space for the supply of Cryogenic Thermal Links to be […]
21 novembre 2020
Ace cube Absolut System innovation

ACE-CUBE : Absolut System innovation

Advanced cryogenic equipment | HELIUM System in PMC Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée Absolut System installed its ACE-Cube, Advanced Cryogenic Equipment, in PMC (Laboratoire […]
14 octobre 2020
Copernicus ESA Thales

Copernicus (ESA)

CO2M mission with Thalès Alenia Space Absolut System is proud to announce the signature of a contract with Thales Alenia Space for the supply of cryogenic […]