24/11/2020 Copernicus LSTM Mission

Absolut System is proud to announce its selection by Airbus Defence and Space for the supply of Cryogenic Thermal Links to be connected to the high spatial-temporal resolution thermal infrared sensor of the Copernicus LSTM instrument.

These thermal links are based on robust process of high-purity aluminium foils assembly currently in orbit.

Following recent contract for thermal links for CO2M mission, it is the second implication of Absolut System in Copernicus space component, the European Union’s Earth observation programme for global monitoring

The Land Surface Temperature Monitoring (LSTM) mission will provide observations of land-surface temperature for sustainable agriculture and to predict drought.
















21/11/2020 Absolut System installed its ACE-Cube, Advanced Cryogenic Equipment, in PMC (Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée), a joint CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique laboratory

PMC is using our ACE-Cube for the study of magneto-optical properties of semiconductors in the <20K region, for which extremely low vibrations are key requirements to interface with the optical table.

ACE-cube is a cryogen free cryostat. It is based on Absolut System Helium cooling loops products family developed for low temperature science. Compared to conventional solutions based on metallic conductive links, this solution has the double advantage: to be able to move the cooler away from the instrument while minimizing the surface occupied on the optical table and to reduce the mechanical coupling of the cooler and therefore to minimize disturbances induced by the cryogenic system.

Absolut System a installé un cryostat ACE-Cube, Advanced Cryogenic Equipment, au Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée (PMC), un laboratoire conjoint CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique.

Le Laboratoire PMC utilise notre ACE-Cube pour l’étude des propriétés magnéto-optiques des semi-conducteurs dans la région <20K, pour lesquels des vibrations extrêmement faibles sont des exigences clés pour l’interface avec la table optique

ACE-cube est un cryostat sec, sans cryogène. Il est basé sur la famille de produits de boucles de refroidissement cryogénique Hélium développées par Absolut System pour la science des basses températures Par rapport aux solutions classiques basées sur des liens conductifs métalliques, cette solution a le double avantage : de pouvoir éloigner le refroidisseur de l’instrument en minimisant la surface occupée sur la table optique, de réduire le couplage mécanique du refroidisseur et donc, de minimiser les perturbations induites par le système cryogénique.

14/10/2020 Copernicus CO2M mission

Absolut System is proud to announce the signature of a contract with Thales Alenia Space for the supply of cryogenic thermal links to be connected to the SWIR detectors of the CO2M instrument.
Made of pyrolytic graphite, these thermal links will within two years complete the family of ultra-pure aluminum and copper thermal links produced by Absolut System and currently in orbit.
The Copernicus CO2M mission will meet the priority objectives of ESA and the European Union aimed at measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by human activity.