Our activities

Our business is to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions for thermal, mechanical or electro-mechanical systems with optimal performances and designed for specific environments (vacuum, high vacuum, cryogenic, optical, space …).

So this is our core business to design, validate, optimize, build, test and maintain these systems to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our ways of working:

Our business comes in three modes of collaboration with our customers:

  • Products

We develop, manufacture and distribute a catalog of products both for our own use or for integrators in all types of industries. Main products commercialized are laboratory equipements : 

Cryogenic coolers (Gifford Mc Mahon, Pulse Tube…), Liquifaction or recondensation systems of cryogenic fluids, Cryostats with fluid circulation of dry cryostats, Specific fluids transfer lines, High precision temperature measurement systems, Superconducitve components (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, magnets and current leads)

We are distributors in Europe of  Cryomech products that we can integrate on a sub-system level.

  • Customized Product Development

We design, manufacture and test equipements and customized critical systems  to provide the optimal solution to your needs. These systems can be very complex either because of the application domain, either because of the target performances, either because of the interfaces with the sub-system.

Among these customized developments, we find on-board equipments  such as high performances flexible thermal links, cryogenic coolers (pulse tube, Stirling, Brayton, Joule-Thomson), centrifugal compressors, heat exchangers, high reliability connectors, Zero Boil-Off embedded equipments

  • Consultancy/Expertise

We can also propose our expertise to our customers , from the requirements definition up to the final qualification through a thermal/thermohydraulic recognize expertize. We have the capacity to handle complex applications including critical equipments using special processes and high performance materials or with specific constraints (High Vacuum, thermal environment, vibrations, space, …)

Our Competences

  • Conception

We design our sytems around customer specifications. Performance and interfaces are specifically optimized to meet these needs. This phase is iterative and requires high reactivity and  high synergy between all projects stakeholder.

The size of our entity and the strong skills of our experts allow us to accomplish these iterative steps very efficiently with a lot of flexibility for our customers.

  • Analysis

To ensure the design and identify technical risks early in the development cycle, we have developed a strong expertise in FEM and CFD analysis. These skills allow us to predict, optimize and validate the performance analysis of our systems. Capabilities currently available are:

    • - CAD : Solidworks, Autocad
    • - FE : FEMAP NX (Nastran), Fluent
    • - Internal Software developed specifically : Dimensioning and optimization of thermodynamic cycle
  • Prototyping

To minimize the technical risk and to optimize performances is an essential skill at ABSOLUT SYSTEM. To validate and to optimize the performance of our systems, effective organization for the realization of prototype has been implemented. Our goal is to consolidate as much as possible the engineering phases through phases of testing prototype..

  • Manufacturing

We do not have in-house production tools. The company focuses on engineering and management processes, assemblying and testing rather than on the production tool itself. Our organization is therefore based on a strong partnership with our network of local partners (Grenoble basin) for the implementation of our systems.  We assurehowever supervision, documentation and assembling of our systems in order to keep the technical mastery .

  • Testing

The testing phase is an essential step in any product development whatsoever in terms of performance validation or qualification of a product. To master this step, we develop and manufacture most of our testing facilities (thermal cycling test bench or mechanical, vacuum, specific cryostats …) depending on the environment and the desired level of validation (prototype, engineering model, qualification or flight model).

Furthermore, applications of our customers sometimes request specific equipment tests. We also develop and commercialize test benches customized for qualification facilities (automated thermal cycling test bench for cryogenic equipment, cryogenic refrigeration for electro-optical bench with vibration-free solution).